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Our suspension system model PAD-A4 is designed mainly to improve the comfort of the user and decrease the transfer of energy from impacts to the head (including BFS from projectiles).

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Our WRS retention system was designed to improve the way the helmet is fastened to the user.

This new design is floating, supported by floating cables, which allows an excellent grip on the user’s head.

It has a tightening & quick release system by a dial knob in the neck protection pad.


Material Nylon, PP, Polyester, metallic cable (steel), and Memory Foam coated with water repellent and anti fungal fabric, leather interior chin strap
Metal Cable 0.88 +/- 0.05mm
Settings 4 points + rear dial
Thickness (strap) 1 +/- 0.10mm approx
Width (strap) 15 +/- 1mm
Weight 90gr max.
Material Neck
Oxford 900D polyester water resistant
Thickness 20mm +/- 1mm
Size approx. 11x7mm

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