Polypropylene Baton | BDH-60-G1

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Our model BDH-60-G1, has a lateral handle for performance and safety.

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We manufacture polypropylene batons in various sizes and models suitable for use by law enforcement personnel.

Our model BDH-60-G1, is a side-handle baton, PR-24 style, used by officers due to its performance and safety while; striking, blocking & controlling,

It offers a mushroom style ends to help improve gripping and safety.


Material Unique PP formula
Length 615 +/- 10mm
Width 31 +/- 1mm
Color Black
Weight 475 +/- 10gr
Main Handle 152mm, 13 grip channels with mushroom head of 25mm high x 36mm wide
Side Grip 134mm, 10 grip channels with mushroom head 32mm high x 44.5mm wide
Compliance Norms ASTM D1238 | ASTM D6290 (Izod)

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